Meet David

   David was born at Fort Rucker, AL. He enjoyed sports at a early age and by the time he hit high school he
was setting records in track and cross country. Some that still stand today. David knew he wanted to serve his country from a young age and enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. After a fast 4 years in the Marine Corp, and a couple of years in defense contracting overseas, David enlisted and found a home in the Coast Guard.
     As a Boatswains Mate in the Coast Guard, David excelled as a tactical Coxwain (Boat operator) chasing down fast boats loaded with tons of illicit drugs in the Caribbean. When David wasn’t deployed chasing down drug boats, he worked as a Search and Rescue missions for the coast guard. It was here the David found the most rewarding work of his life. David says “There is no better feeling in the world then to know your actions and decisions just saved a persons life from certain death”.
     After 10 years in the Coast Guard, David injured his right shoulder during a rescue and has had 9 surgeries since, including 3 complete shoulder replacements with the last being on the 25th of January 2016. David has traveled and explored all 7 contents, sailed every major ocean, and lived all over the world.
      David explained “When I was being medically retired from the Coast Guard, I tried to argue my case that I      would heal and be able to do my job that I loved so much. I’ll never forget that day, my command Master Chief chewed me out, he gave me a long list of things I would never be able to physically do again. What he didn’t realize was he had just given me a list of goals to accomplish in life. he lit a fire in me that still burns today. I’ve slowly been checking those things off my list. Every physical thing I can accomplish is a step closer to getting back to myself before my injury. I am doing this hike to help recover from my biggest surgery yet, to help come to terms with a few things in my life and finally make peace with myself about them. It’s not just an adventure it’s a journey to heal. One of my favorite quotes is “If you want to get healthy go to a doctor, if you want to heal go to nature”.
    Now he is off to conquer the Appalachian Trail while bringing awareness on veteran issues like PTS and suicide. Keep an eye out for him and make sure you cheer him on.